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June 22nd 2022 by Space Apps

The 2022 NASA International Space Apps Challenge theme is “Make Space!” At Space Apps, we strive to eliminate barriers of access to space and science opportunities. Space Apps is for anyone and everyone! Participants from around the world are welcomed regardless of background and experience to create, explore, learn, and build together. Through each year’s Space Apps Challenge, we continue to support and empower ideas through innovation and inclusion.

We are excited to share some ways “Make Space” can be defined. What does “Make Space” mean to you?

  1. Making Space: Making Space reminds us of the Space Apps commitment that “There’s always space for one more.” Space Apps is committed to providing a professional and productive forum for all participants to engage in a robust exchange of ideas regarding the challenges. By making space, we create a place that invites more people, more creativity, and more opportunity. Space Apps takes pride in continually working to ensure that, no matter who or where you are, there is room for you to develop as a coder, scientist, artist, designer, storyteller, maker, builder, technologist, and beyond. And we are excited to celebrate this commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility through this year’s theme! During the annual hackathon all are invited to join this space – whether virtual or in person at a local event!

  1. A “Make” Space: Space Apps Challenge participants gain access to the tools, networking, and skill development needed to create, or “make,” solutions. Everyone who participates in the Space Apps Challenge becomes a “maker.” A maker is someone who learns by doing, and that’s what Space Apps is all about! Thousands of makers connect each year through Space Apps and use their shared interest in engaging with NASA’s open data resources to help solve real-world problems on Earth and in space. Prototypes, software applications, art projects, and communities are just some examples of what is made each year during the hackathon, and we are so proud that through this process Space Apps has become one of largest maker communities in the world!

  1. Make S.P.A.C.E.: Who says acronyms can’t be fun? To represent what “Make Space” means to us, these are some highlighted terms we believe celebrate this year's theme. What words would your acronym for S.P.A.C.E. represent?

S: Safe, Solve

P: Possibility, People

A: Access, Appreciation

C: Collaboration, Culture

E: Equity, Empowerment

Stay tuned for future announcements and news about how we plan to celebrate this year’s theme! In the meantime, Space Apps wants to hear what “Make Space” means to you! Share your idea with us on social by tagging #SpaceApps and #MakeSpace. And make sure to join us on Oct. 1-2, 2022. Registration opens on July 15th!

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