The NASA Space Apps Collective is a global engagement platform using the power of NASA's free and open data to spark innovations and knowledge sharing that benefit local communities and humanity at large. By uniting visionary leaders worldwide with diverse perspectives, the Collective seeks to foster connections and encourage the exchange of lived experiences. Through ongoing dialogue and collaborative efforts, coupled with a series of educational workshops culminating in a Summit, the Collective aims to inspire the world with the power of collaborative wisdom.

Launched as a pilot program in 2023 with the theme of “Building an Inclusive Global Space Community", this platform is accessible to all. The NASA Space Apps Collective operates independently while maintaining a complementary relationship with the NASA International Space Apps Challenge.

Benefits of joining the Collective:

- Join a global community of changemakers

- Learn from like-minded individuals who are passionate about leveraging NASA’s free and open data

- Gain access to NASA Space Apps Collective events and connect with a diverse global network

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