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August 24th 2021 by Space Apps

This year we are celebrating TEN years of Space Apps! TEN, can you believe it?!

First, we want to thank our global Space Apps community for supporting a decade of Space Apps, without you all this wouldn't be possible. We are even more grateful to still be able to celebrate our tenth year in this new virtual world, you are all stars. Sending big (virtual) high-fives to you all!

“The Power of Ten'' marks the tenth annual NASA International Space Apps Challenge, the largest annual global hackathon on Earth! With the theme of “The Power of Ten,” NASA is commemorating ten amazing years of community, collaboration, and solving by forming a power-team of ten international space agencies who will work together to make Space Apps accessible to more communities worldwide.


NASA welcomes a power-team of ten to our Space Apps 2021 family:

  • Australian Space Agency
  • Brazilian Space Agency
  • Canadian Space Agency
  • European Space Agency
  • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  • National Space Activities Commission of Argentina
  • National Space Science Agency of Bahrain
  • Paraguayan Space Agency
  • South African National Space Agency

Each year, Space Apps engages thousands of people around the world to work with NASA’s open source data in a 48-hour hackathon. Since our start in 2012, Space Apps has grown from 25 local events in 17 countries to more than 250 local events in 87 countries and territories! Last year in 2020, we engaged 26,000 people from around the world.

In 2021, we hope to grow our participants and community to 30,000 and beyond! Global teams of technologists, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, artists, and others collaborate to answer some of the most pressing challenges on Earth and in space because at Space Apps, there is always room for one more!


The Power of Ten doesn’t end there, Space Apps will feature four new and more inclusive award categories this year, for a grand total of TEN Global Awards!

Traditional Space Apps Awards:

  • Best Use of Science

The solution that makes the best and most valid use of science and/or the scientific method.

  • Best Use of Data

The solution that best makes space data accessible, or leverages it to a unique application.

  • Best Use of Technology

The solution that exemplifies the most innovative use of technology.

  • Galactic Impact

The solution with the most potential to improve life on Earth or in the universe.

  • Best Mission Concept

The solution with the most plausible concept and design.

  • Most Inspirational

The solution that captures our hearts.

NEW Space Apps Awards:

  • Best Storytelling Award

The solution that most creatively communicates the potential of open data through the art of storytelling.

  • Global Connection Award

The solution that best connects people around the world through technology.

  • Art & Technology Award

The solution that most effectively combines technical and creative skills.

  • Local Impact Award

The solution that demonstrates the greatest potential for local impact.

Also, our challenge summaries have already been announced. Dive into topics like Space Trash, Light Curves and Viewing Bugs from Space. Get to brainstorming, space is full of surprises! Stay tuned as the full 2021 challenge statements will be announced in September and will echo The Power of Ten theme, including challenges for participants of all ages and skill levels that feature empowerment and “super powers.”


Space is full of wonders and Space Apps will continue to explore what the next decade will bring to our community and beyond. The Space Apps Global Organizing (GO) Team is already strategizing for next decade’s “Space Apps X,” details will be forthcoming as soon as NASA clears us to announce them! Hint hint: think spinoff programs and a revamped platform!


We have big things coming for The Power of Ten! We LOVE to engage with our community and want to celebrate this decade milestone with all of you as we highlight ten years of leaders, achievements and community. Please engage with us and become a part of our Power of Ten story. Share with us what “The Power of Ten” means to you by tagging @SpaceApps and using #SpaceApps #SpaceAppsPowerofTen. Plus we want to see all those #selfies!

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OVER AND OUT: A word from Sandra Cauffman, deputy director of NASA’s Earth Science Division

“We are really proud of Space Apps and the way the program has engaged people from all over the world...Over the next ten years, we would like to work with our partner space agencies to expand our geographic footprint even more to include people from all regions of the world and populations that are underrepresented in the STEM fields such as women and girls.”

How will you celebrate the Power of Ten? What will you create for Space Apps 2021?

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The space exploration and innovation continues with more blog posts coming soon. In the meantime, happy hacking!