Image of Dr. Lyndsey McMillon-Brown at NASA’s Glenn Research Center studying solar cells made from a material called perovskite.
September 15th 2022 by Space Apps

The 2022 NASA International Space Apps Challenge is happening on October 1-2 and challenge statements are live! Before you dive in on hackathon planning, make sure to check out the 22 challenges you can choose from this year.

What makes Space Apps hackathon challenges special?

Selecting a challenge statement is a KEY element of the Space Apps hackathon experience. Space Apps challenge statements are written by NASA Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who choose to contribute to the hackathon as a way to highlight some of the most pressing issues and interests faced on Earth and in space. All challenges include open data resources provided by NASA and its space agency partners to provide a glimpse into the vast array of information available to citizen scientists around the world.

Discover the 22 challenges

This year there are 22 unique challenges plus a “Create Your Own” challenge to choose from! Aligned with this year’s hackathon theme, “Make Space,” there are a variety of challenges to showcase that, at Space Apps, there is always space for one more to participate. Whether you are a scientist, artist, coder, storyteller, maker, or other type of innovator, there’s a challenge for you!

Here’s a spark of inspiration to start your exploration of this year’s challenges:

  • Have you dreamed of visiting far-off planets? Exploring Venus Together asks teams to design a system that can power a surface lander or rover on Venus for at least 60 days.
  • Interested in life on Mars? Teams working on Outfitting a Mars Habitat – A 3D Print Challenge will imagine landing on Mars with 3D printers as the only items available to sustain survival.
  • Looking for a youth-friendly challenge? Build a Space Biology Superhero encourages creative minds of all ages to address difficulties involved in space exploration, such as extreme gravity or disrupted sleep, to create a superhero that can thrive during space expeditions.
  • Are you a game enthusiast? Learning Through the Looking Glass may be just for you. Use your passion to design a game that exposes people to the James Webb Space Telescope and its amazing capabilities!
  • Ready to take on a more technical challenge? In Calling All Radio Enthusiasts, teams will use radio broadcast data from the International Space Station to develop an application that can display images of Earth's ionosphere.
  • Seasoned at building apps for Space Apps? Put your software skills to the test by tackling the Track the Space Station in 3D challenge. Teams working on this challenge will work toward building and publishing an open-source web application that tracks the International Space Station in 3D dimensions.

Happy Hacking!

These are just a handful of challenges out of the many you can choose from this year! Register now and discover the challenge for you!

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